Preparing for Long Distance Sea Kayaking: Solutions for Big Questions

This post is a quickie to introduce you to a series of posts about preparing for a long distance sea kayaking adventure, completed and on my to-do-list. When Lothar and I were preparing for a three month trip from Smithers, British Columbia to Glacier Bay, Alaska, ten big question marks stood out in a long list of little ones:

  1. Single sea kayak or double sea kayak? This question took us to the next question.
  2. Seaward Passat G3 or Necky Nootka Plus?
  3. Should we take a tent or hammock?
  4. What should we take for footwear?
  5. What brand, style and length of paddle? My next sea kayaking post to come.
  6. Should we take maps or charts? What scale?
  7. Do we want a sail? Brand and style?
  8. How many days of food should we pack? Can we or how can we resupply along the way?
  9. Fresh water! How much water do we need to carry? Do we need a backup plan just in case we get weathered in on some tiny island without fresh water?
  10. How am I going to deal with bladder management—way-out-there—in the middle-of-nowhere? Uh huh…guys have it easy!

We put lots of thought into finding answers for the first nine questions. By our measures, we aced our own test, scoring nine for nine. The last question was my test but it was more of a concern for Lothar than for me, a bit of a novelty because there’s little in life that he worries about. I’m happy to say, I passed that one too.

Watch for more posts about preparing for a long distance sea kayaking trip to come! In the interim, please feel free to send me any questions or comments!


Long Distance Sea Kayaking: Finding Our Way with the Big Questions
Pondering the big questions: just preparing for a long distance sea kayaking trip is an adventure, all on it’s own.



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