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I Bet All the Stuff on My Bike Weighs More You!

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Hey MyNaSc, this is my first blog post about our Big Bike Adventure that’s just for kids:

We’re busy getting ready for our bike ride across Canada. When we get there, we’re thinking we’ll turn right and head south. Yesterday, Lothar and I packed up our bikes to do a test run with them fully loaded. My gear weighed 82.2 pounds (that’s 37.3 kilograms) with all of the stuff that I plan on taking. Lothar’s weighed 64 pounds (29 kilograms) with most of the stuff that he plans on taking. When I got on my bike to ride it, I felt like I was learning to ride a bike all over again. Heavy. And wobbly too! When I got home, the first thing I did was unpack my bags to see what I could leave at home. I need to make my bike lighter. All that I could find that I thought I could do without was one book, one shirt, and one pair of pants. Oh, and I think I will leave my telephone behind. Maybe Lothar will let me use his.

Yesterday, I fell off my bike three times. Luckily, I only fell when I was getting on and off my bike so I wasn’t moving.


When I was looking for a bike I tried a make of bike called a Grasshopper. I loved riding it. But I decided to buy a make of bike called a Street Machine. I thought I should get the same kind of bike as Lothar’s. That way our bikes would be able to do the same things. So I since I didn’t get a Grasshopper, I named my bike Cricket instead.


I think we might change our trip plans too…we were going to ride west first and then head north up the Stewart Cassiar Highway (Na: you know this road. It’s the road you take to get to Whitehorse.) After that we were going to head east to cross Canada. Now that idea seems like a lot of work to be doing in our own backyard (British Columbia and the Yukon) when we can easily do bike trips in western Canada when we get back home. So maybe, just maybe, we will head directly east from home (Smithers, British Columbia). That way we can spend more time playing in places like Quebec and Newfoundland!


I love cooking in the Dutch Oven because I can use it as a frying pan, a pot, and an oven! I can even bake strawberry and rhubarb crumble in it.
So my questions for today are:

Should I bring the dutch oven? I love cooking with it so much that I don’t want to leave it at home.

What else can I take out of my bags that I can I live with out?

Should I ask Lothar to take some of the gear that we share so that we have equal loads?

5 Responses

  1. N-bear

    Hi Deb.
    1. no, learn how to cook another way.
    2. Books. Stop at a library.
    3. Yes, Lothar is strong and he is your friend.
    Bye Deb.

  2. Deb Wellwood

    2. Yes, I agree the book is staying at home. I love books and libraries…! I wonder if I could pick up a book in one town and return it in another town?
    3. I will talk to Lothar. I wonder if he would notice if I put rocks in his pack. That way it would be easier to keep up with him!

    But I’m still not sure about Question 1. If I take the dutch oven (it weighs 1.94 kilograms) the I don’t have to bring a frying pan (328 grams) and the smallest pot in my 2 pot set (around 300 grams). And if I take the dutch oven it’s way easier to cook on a fire, and then I won’t have to carry as much fuel that weighs (1 kilogram per litre!!). So for me it is hard to decide.

    What is 328 g + 300 g + 1000 g (1 kilogram)? And how does that compare to my lovely dutch oven? I think in Canada we’ll be able to cook over a campfire fairly often. Maybe in some places in some countries it will be different. Not enough fire wood? Or too hot and dry to safely cook over a fire because of forest fire hazard?

    And then you just have to think about all the yummy things I can make like pineapple upside down cake (but wait! I don’t have a sweet tooth). How about that lovely Tuna Wiggle Casserole that I wrote about… https://ravenecological.com/recipe-tuna-wiggle-evolved/

    Bear Hugs for you!

  3. Navi

    Hi Deb,
    Sure hope you are having a good trip. I am glad you decided to take the dutch oven. I want to make the tuna wiggle casserole that you posted. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for your replies.


  4. Deb Wellwood

    Hey Navi,

    We made brownies in the D.O. when we were in Prince George. Yummy they were. Hugs for you, Deb

  5. Navi

    Hi Deb thank you for the post cards. I got a puppy her name is Cochin (its a town in saskatchewan). She is black with white on her chest.School is good. I am in Mme Dubeau’s class with Scott and Maya. It looks like you and Lothar are having fun. Bye. From Navi.