Welcome to Raven Ecological Blog.

I’m Deb Wellwood. I’m keen to delve into all kinds of relationships between people and the environment that sustains us—culturally, ecologically, economically, socially. Here, you’ll find one ecologist’s knowledge, experiences, and perspective on several topics that have connections running this way and that!


“The word ecology is derived from the Greek oikos, meaning “household,” and logos, meaning “study.” Thus, the study of the environmental house includes all the organisms in it and all the functional processes that make the house habitable,” Odum and Barrett (2004). I guess that means I’m a housekeeper—of sorts!

There’s so much to explore in networks that connect people to other species and social communities to ecosystems (ecological communities) and other elements of their environment.

By blending my assorted passions, life experiences, and career expertise, you’ll read about

  • natural history
  • carnivore ecology, behaviour, and conservation (focusing on species I have studied including grizzly bears, black bears, wolverines, and fishers)
  • human–bear interaction research and management
  • bear awareness and safety
  • natural resource management
  • climate change
  • science and policy: problem solving and decision-making
  • wilderness adventures and other trips (e.g., sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, backpacking, and soon bike touring)
  • trip preparation and logistics and gear reports
  • food for camping including recipes, preparation, packing, and cooking techniques. Watch for home recipes too.
People thrive in healthy social—ecological communities. I know I do. That’s my theme.

I’m looking forward to lots of adventures!



Eugene P. Odum and Gary W. Barrett. 2004. Fundamentals of Ecology. 5th Edition. Brooks Cole, Belmont, CA. 624 pp.

Artwork by Rob Kernachan, Hue-Nue-Artworks.

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