Climate Change: IPCC Working Group II Reports

Today, the International Panel on Climate Change Working Group II  (IPCC Working Group II) released their draft report Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability (copy edit pending). By the time I woke up, a chorus of bells for climate change … Read More

Carnivore Conservation: Evolving Perspectives

Carnivore conservation is complex and challenging, to say the least. Sometimes, it’s outright contentious. Among the most valuable lessons I have learned, is that people and their perspectives matter—a lot. For me, applying this knowledge, in practice, is a work … Read More

Finding Reliable Information About Bears

Through my work, I have experienced firsthand many of the challenges faced by a growing contingent of people dedicated to helping others live, work, and recreate more peacefully with bears. A major concern is poorly informed problem solving. Missing information … Read More

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