Bicycle Field Notes 8: USA–Mexico Border, Running the Badlands on a Bicycle

Are you on a long distance bicycle tour and at the point where you’re wondering what it might be like to ride your bike across the border from the U.S.A into Mexico? If you are (yes this post is more … Read More

Bicycle Field Notes 7: Our Route, Stepping Stones through Eastern U.S.A.

Hey you kids (the ones I promised to write and miss so much) and everybody else, Here I am in Guanajuato, Mexico, writing a post about the travel route that we took down the Atlantic Coast and along the Gulf … Read More

Bicycle Field Notes 4: La Buena Vida

Here’s a sneak peek (48 hours or so) into our lives and my mind as we roll through part of southern Texas. Date: 26 February 2016 Ride: From Goose Island State Park to Corpus Christi, Texas Distance: 68 km Weather: … Read More

Bicycle Field Notes 3: Our Route, Skipping Across North America

For a bird’s eye view of the route that Lothar and I travelled across North America (mostly by bike), I have Welican-the-Pelican’s reports. This is another post for my young friends and for everyone else that’s interested in a sneak … Read More

Mount Edziza & Spectrum Range: A Wilderness Backpacking & Culinary Adventure, British Columbian Style

Welcome! This is Kara Pitman’s first post for Raven Ecological Blog. She’s my first guest blogger too!   Last July, when I was tethered to my couch with an unruly broken ankle, Kara and her friends, Laura and Jen, let … Read More

Driving to Baja (Part 2): Ecosystem Connected & Species Lost & Found

I have to admit that driving to the Baja Californias in Mexico was a grand way to set the tone for a sea kayaking adventure, despite my initial reservations expressed in the first post of this series. We covered a … Read More

Electric Fences Make Good Neighbours—for People and Bears

For Halloween, some of my neighbours entertain spooky creatures and they have tombstones and cobwebs in their yards. Me? I’m an outlier; at this time of year, I go for something shocking—yet practical—in our yard. Each year, I put up … Read More

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